‘Don’t mention the shower!’ Cleese thrashes Sweden hotel

John Cleese has given a hotel in Linköping in Sweden a "damn good thrashing" in a series of tweets.

'Don’t mention the shower!' Cleese thrashes Sweden hotel
Cleese was horrified by his Swedish hotel experience. Photo: TT

The comedian is famous for playing Basil Fawlty, the irascible and incompetent hotelier who made life hell for the guests of his Torquay hotel..

Cleese's character's famously thrashed his broken-down car with a branch in one episode of the 1970s comedy classic – and now he's given a Swedish hotel something of an online drubbing.

The comedian aimed a number of sarcastic tweets at up-market chain Elite Hotels, after staying in one of its branches in the city of Linköping.

The 76-year-old began: “Just stayed in excellent hotel the @elitehotels Karlstad. Efficient, friendly, very good food. Nice 14th century lifts, too…”

Cleese then posted: “In marked contrast to Linköping. Here's the view into the corridor from my room.”

The attached picture showed tins of paint and sheets on the floor.

But the comic wasn't finished.

“It's not a hotel. It's a construction site with optional accommodation,” he wrote.

Cleese then finished: “Quite a nice shower, but no soap dish. How's this possible? Were they distracted by other important work?”

Cleese, who was also one of the Monty Python team, is currently touring Europe with his 'Last Time to See Me Before I Die' show, where he shares anecdotes and screens clips from his illustrious comedy career.