Posh playtime: Inspiration from Swedish kids’ rooms

Posh playtime: Inspiration from Swedish kids’ rooms
Swedes are crazy about interior design – even the kids have incredible rooms! Are you expecting a baby and in need of some interior inspiration for the nursery? Amanda Strömberg presents the most-liked Swedish children's rooms from houzz.se.

There’s a lot to consider when expecting a baby – decorating the nursery is just another box to tick on a very, very long list.

So it can be helpful to get some inspiration along the way! From a soft Moroccan haven to a more playful abode, all eight children's rooms below have one thing in common: they’re favourites among Houzz readers in Sweden.

Scroll down for a little inspiration for these amazing children’s rooms.

1. Mild Moroccan

Find inspiration from this beautiful room, that Lori Gentile from Lori Gentile Interior Design has decorated. She chose a soft, muted Moroccan theme, balancing the bold paisley-patterned wallpaper with delicate pale pink and ivory hues. The sheer bed canopy is the icing on the cake.

2. Adventure awaits

At first, the couple who live here wanted to have a minimalist children's room, but changed their mind after a few weeks. They then asked the painter Carolyn from the company Roll Her Sleeves to paint the playful details on the wall, which set the mood of the room. If you are looking for a unique and playful kids’ room this is absolutely the way to go.

3. Dulce decadence

The interior designers from Merigo Design created this magnificent home in the United States. The baby room, where sorbet pink is matched with deep, dark grey, stands out from all the other rooms in the house. Usually we think nurseries should be just like any other room, or at least with the same colour scheme and style, but the fact is that it will be just as pretty if the baby room stands out. So be bold and play with colours and patterns – there are no rules here. Bring on the stripes and butterflies!

4. Classic and clean

White is always a good foundation, and a children’s room decorated in purist white is a dream for many minimalist Swedish parents. And no matter what style you want – modern, industrial or perhaps rural – white is always a solid choice. The decorators from KYD – Killingyourdarlings – are behind this particular project.

5. Dainty dreams

Amy Sklar, interior designer at Amy Sklar Design Inc, had dreams in mind when she was decorating this baby room in Los Angeles. On the perfect sky-blue colour (Parma Gray from Farrow & Ball), which is visible on both the walls and the ceiling, she chose to paint white, whispy clouds – dreamy and cool all at once!

6. Wild things

If your child likes animals, take a close look at this place. Taking inspiration from the animal kingdom doesn’t mean it has to over-the-top. This room is discreetly but playfully decorated with animal-inspired prints from The Animal Print Shop. Look closely and you will see all the small, fun details that are hiding here.

7. Discrete patterns

Thinking about putting up some wallpaper in the nursery but don’t want anything too crazy? Then you should go for a wallpaper in a muted colour scheme, like the one pictured here. Then if you would like to add some colour afterwards, you can easily do so with the help of textiles and furniture.

8. Make it personal

When Lindsay Espinoza heard that her customers planned to call their newborn boy Noah, she decided to display the name with the help of some light on the wall. When she did so, the room got a more personal feeling, which is much appreciated for such special little people.

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