These ten Swedish kitchens look good enough to eat (in)

They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home - and that's especially true in Sweden, where interest in food and cooking has never been greater, writes Amanda Strömberg.

These ten Swedish kitchens look good enough to eat (in)
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Let's visit ten Swedish homes to take a look at their beloved kitchens.




This urban industrial style is something that we see more and more in Swedish homes. Raw materials that aren't too polished, and often times combined together, makes a trendy, modern Scandinavian kitchen.


Cool grey


If anything can compete with Swedes' beloved white kitchens, it must be the grey finish with a white marble backsplash. Lately that's what everyone wants, and the trend doesn't seem likely to change any time soon – especially if it's rounded off with a brass tap to add a dash of extravagance.


Rough and smooth


Many of us have probably dreamed at some point of exposed bricks, New York style. But fact is, you can bring the exposed bricks to your home, no matter where in Sweden you live. It's not that difficult, and looks very pretty when combined with the smooth lines of the units.


Light minimalist


Nothing says Scandinavian like a light, minimalistic kitchen. Some white, some concrete and some light wood – it doesn't have to be harder than that. Especially when it's combined with big windows and a high ceiling.


Pattern perfect


Just because it's Swedish, it doesn't mean that it has to be all white and no patterns. A special kind of tile for the backsplash completely changes the kitchen, and makes it so much more personal. Add some mixed handles to finish off the effect.


For the busy chef


In a dusty home it might not always be the best option, but open shelving sure looks good! And for the wannabe professional chef, it gives easy access to all the pots and pans. In combination with some stainless steel and while tiles, you don't really need anything else.


Contemporary island


A kitchen island with lots of storage is much appreciated in many homes, but if you already have lots of cabinets, why not try something else? A kitchen island can both serve as a dinner table and a place to hang out with, and a place to put the hob.


Blue and yellow with a twist


Some might want to play it safe in the kitchen, and some don't. Swedes love their blue and yellow flag but what about this baby blue finish with a golden kitchen fan and faucet? Why not! Imagine making breakfast in this kitchen every morning – what a dream.


Swedish vintage


For some people, the best way to achieve the vintage look is to keep the base simple and white, and then add the colours with the other elements. A fridge and some colourful chairs can completely change the room, and this type of furniture is also easy to redecorate or change when the time comes.


Urban garden


Green plants in a combination with raw concrete makes a very special kitchen that you don't find in an average home. That doesn't mean you can't have it, though! If you're looking for a change in your kitchen, this could be it.


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