What word do you use to describe Scandinavian style?

What word do you use to describe Scandinavian style?
We asked Swedish Houzzers what style really means for them. Amanda Strömberg presents the 5 most popular answers – some of them may surprise you!

The iconic Scandinavian style, which emerged in the 1950s, was supposed to fit all people and conditions, with focus on light and space. Over the years the style has evolved and changed, and become popular internationally as a symbol of a healthy, sustainable and practical Nordic lifestyle. We took the opportunity of using the forum to find out how Houzzers define Scandinavian interiors.

1. Nature

“Natural”, “nature”, “natural love” … However they word it, most people who answered our query associate the Scandinavian style with nature. And it's not surprising. We have had a nature-oriented tradition a long time, and in every home that has been decorated in the Scandinavian style, nature is present in some way. The materials come from the woods and fields; the colours are inspired by the lush landscape; plants are added and the patterns are formed by the natural surroundings. One Houzz pro was very specific and chose the word “Birch Forest” to describe Scandinavian style.

2. Light

In Scandinavia the darker days are considerably more numerous than the light ones, and warm summer air only finds its way up to our latitude a few weeks a year. Scandinavian style has been influenced by our northern climate, which is probably why the style consists primarily of white colour tones and plenty of natural light. The word ”Harmony” is another fitting description according to users.


3. Stylistically pure

Many who choose to describe Scandinavian style as stylistically pure are probably referring to an interior that is uncluttered and simplistic, which is an idea that has become increasingly common over time. But the word initially had a completely different meaning. Decorating “stylistically pure” means that you follow the same style throughout, and if you would go by the expression’s actual meaning, we are not so sure many Scandinavian homes are that way. Modern Scandinavians tend to pick up details and accents from cultures and styles across the world.

Ekdungevägen Hus 1

4. Stripped

”Stripped” is one of the frequently recurring descriptions of Scandinavian interior. We keep interiors simple. Houzz Pro  Färg & Tapetbodenchose the similar – but perhaps not entirely positive –  term “clinical” to describe the style.


5. Simple

Another popular word among our Houzzers when describing Scandinaian style is ”simple”. It is mainly the simplicity of shapes, colours and materials that allow more people to embrace the style in their homes. The Houzz user Enamello even called the style ”Reliable”.



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