11 amazing houses that make you long for summer

11 amazing houses that make you long for summer
Looking to get yourself a cosy place in the countryside or by the sea? Be inspired by the finest cabins in Sweden and Denmark.

With the heat and light slowly arriving, it's time to start thinking about where you want to spend your holiday weeks during the summer. Doesn’t your very own summer cottage sound enticing? We have collected 11 different, but oh so lovely, summer homes that can inspire you to find your relaxing holiday oasis.

1. Summer idyll on Gotland

In 1862 the small Båtsmanstorpet of 40 square metres was built in the Linde area, on the southern part of Gotland. Inside the house you’ll find both beamed ceilings, charming wood floors, a fireplace and stove. In the lush garden roses grow, as well as lovely fruit trees.

2. Cabin along the coast in Denmark

On North Jutland lies one of Kassow Architects’ most beautiful projects. The cottage, which consists of three buildings, is created within the surrounding nature, with its black facade and grassy roof elegantly melting into the landscape. The large gable window lets nature float into the house, and provides lots of light from the west.

3. Stylish summer house in Marstrand

This little house is situated in Kungälv municipality, on the ”summer island” Marstrand. Malin Simson Interior redecorated the home, together with Christiane Inredning, mainly in pale shades and accents in pink and blue.

4. A couple’s dream cottage at the edge of a quarry

Bungenäs, a barren peninsula just east of Fårösund, is one of Gotland’s most dramatic places. A couple chose to build their summer cottage here, just a few meters from the edge of a quarry. The L-shaped building, which provides a protected courtyard facing the quarry and east, has been shaped to suit the couple's needs and vacation habits. In the open kitchen, where there is room for both cooking and socializing, there are large windows overlooking the quarry.

5. Lakefront with private dock

Snidare Architects has built this house, which consists of a main house, a guest cottage and a sauna. The latter two buildings are located right on the waterfront, with access to a private jetty.

6. Perfect for lazy summer days

In Burgsvik on Gotland, within walking distance of the beach, cafés and grocery store, you’ll find this charming wooden house of 50 square metres. If you want to hang out and feel like a local, you can easily check out the neighbour's flea market, listen to music from a small nearby stage, and, on a quieter day, chill in the shady garden.

7. Among grass and sand dunes

The area Kandestederne in Denmark, where this house is located, is known for its tough climate with strong winds and changing temperatures. But despite this, the architect Mads Møller of C. F. Møller chose to build his own summer house here. Nature has been very important for the design of the house, which consists of three interconnected buildings.

8. Simple luxury in a summer house in Skåne

This house, which originally was an old barn, was converted into a stylish summer home for a family. The budget was limited so they decided to use simple materials and bring back life to the farm by tearing down the walls and mixing traditional and modern elements. The result is a clean, minimalist, yet luxurious property.

9. A transformed summer cottage

The decorators at Loft Stockholm were commissioned to transform this little red cottage in Älvsala. They created a rural summer dream with beautiful materials and colours.

10. The house on top of the mountain

Rehnberg Geigant architects, who made this project, found inspiration from the landscape at Värmdö when they created the building. The house is built of pinewood, stone, glass and concrete, and is a beautiful addition to the mountainous surroundings.

11. Created with nature and history in mind

During seven years, an architect designed and built this summer house in Hälsingland for himself. Since both sketching and designing were developed at the same time, he has used and tried several experimental ideas, including a floor that is heated by hot air from the fireplace, passive solar heating and a new form of roofing in wood.


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