Inspiration: 8 of Sweden’s most colourful homes

Inspiration: 8 of Sweden's most colourful homes
Are you getting tired of all the monochrome interiors in Sweden? Amanda Strömberg checks out eight refreshing homes drenched in colour.

There are many of us who do not really dare to decorate with bright shades – but at the same time we dream of a home filled with bright, colourful walls and furniture. How have others managed to balance bright hues with good taste? Here we have collected 8 inspiring homes that take you one step closer to your rainbow dream.

Exciting wallpaper

The interior designer Isabelle McAllister likes to experiment with colours and patterns in both television programs such as Äntligen Hemma and in her own home. Her previous apartment on Södermalm in Stockholm, that we catch a glimpse of in this picture, is filled with beautiful colours and patterns – all the way from the children's room to the living room.

Yellow is mellow

In Drottningholm in Stockholm we find this spectacular villa filled with colours like yellow, blue and red. The home itself is a heritage treasure that is carefully restored and cared for. Original details such as tiled stoves from Rörstrand, wide plank floors, ornate woodwork and beautiful salons characterise the home.

Bring colour into your kitchen

Your home does not have to be filled to the brim with different colours and patterns. A colourful eye-catching statement piece can be more than enough. Just look at this cottage from the 1960s, where the residents have chosen to have sky-blue shutters in the kitchen along with a light floor and white tiles.

Furnish with coloured details

One interior designer who loves to use colour is Myrica Bergqvist. She has decorated her small apartment of 44 square meters with playful and personal details.

White walls as a basis

White walls are perfect to have as a backdrop if you like to change the decor at home often. Get inspired by this family home on Telefonplan in Stockholm, where colourful furniture spices things up.

Colour is just right in the children's room

Kids like colour, so it can be fun to let the imagination flow freely in their room. “As a natural part of children's appetite for discovery they choose colour over white. And if the older kids get to decide, the rooms will be very colourful,” says Samuel West in the literature study ‘Children's creativity and colour preferences’.

Complement all areas

Bright colours work well in both large and small spaces. Just look at this little apartment of only 28 square meters. Here, the light base is complemented by orange and yellow accents, creating a beautiful contrast.


Colourful floors are increasing in popularity, mainly in the bathroom. Be inspired by this beautiful room where the floor has become the crowned jewel.

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