Smugglers hide 18 kilos of cocaine on private plane

High-flying drug smugglers took 18 kilos of cocaine to Sweden from the Netherlands on a small Cessna plane, a prosecutor has said.

Smugglers hide 18 kilos of cocaine on private plane
File image of a Cessna. Photo: AP/Daily News, Joshua Lindsey

Two men, the pilot and a passenger, were arrested at the end of March on suspicion of flying to an airfield just outside Landskrona in southern Sweden with a cargo of drugs. A third man waiting in a parked car was also apprehended. 

The scale of the haul was previously unknown, but prosecutor Stefan Gradler told newspaper Sydsvenskan that a preliminary estimate showed the plane was loaded with 18 kilos of cocaine. 

“This isn’t exactly an everyday case,” said Gradler. 

Earlier reports said the private four-seater Cessna belonged to a flying club in another part of southern Sweden. The plane took off from Groningen in the Netherlands and landed in Viarp, where plain-clothes police were waiting to swoop, local newspaper Helsingborgs Dagblad reported. 

The purity of the cocaine has not yet been ascertained but the seizure is thought to have a street value of 14.4 million kronor ($1.8 million). 

The three men, all resident in Sweden, remain in custody on suspicion of smuggling narcotics.


Swedish citizens arrested in Spain on drugs charges

Two people from Sweden have been arrested in Barcelona on suspicion of serious drugs and weapons offences.

Swedish citizens arrested in Spain on drugs charges
File photo: Fredrik Sandberg / TT

The pair were detained at the request of the Swedish police and have already been charged in absentia in the Scandinavian country.

Authorities in Sweden have been searching for the two suspects since the autumn of last year, news agency TT reports.

“We have been looking for them for a long time and they are suspected of belonging to a criminal network in northwestern Stockholm,” Mats Lindström of Stockholm Police said in a press statement.

“The Spanish police have assisted us in this work and they are now under arrest,” Lindström added.

The process for extradition of the two arrested individuals to Sweden has been initiated.

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