Couple terrified after new tenant bakes hash cake

Couple terrified after new tenant bakes hash cake
This gingerbread cake is perfectly innocent. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT
A couple in Malmö hallucinated and were gripped with fear after their new tenant baked them a drug-rich gingerbread cake.

A week after the 26-year-old man had moved in, he came home one day in August and offered to make dessert, Sydsvenskan reports

He set to work mixing the ingredients for a gingerbread cake but neglected to tell his landlords about the secret ingredient. 

Just minutes after the 56-year-old woman and her partner ate the baked treat, the woman stood up and knew immediately that something was wrong. 

“I thought I was going to die or have a stroke,” she later told police. 

She tried to call an ambulance but was unable to complete her sentences.

Her partner went outside to seek help, but then the cake kicked in. A passer-by found him repeatedly saying: “Someone is going to kill me.” 

The witness feared for the man’s health and took him to hospital. A police report said he was slurring his speech while his body made jerking motions as if he was getting electric shocks. 

After some time police understood that his partner had also been poisoned. They found her in the apartment along with the tenant and the remains of the cake, which police noted smelled slightly of cannabis. 

The tenant admitted to having spiked the cake with hash but said he had made it for a friend and the couple had eaten it without asking, reports Sydsvenskan. 

The 26-year-old, who no longer lives with the couple, is now facing an abuse charge.