Event: Come and discuss Brexit in Stockholm

Event: Come and discuss Brexit in Stockholm
The speakers at Monday's event.
Are you in Stockholm and want to talk about what Brexit could mean, for Britain, Europe, Sweden - and you? Come along and discuss on Monday.

There’s just over a month left until Britain votes on whether to leave the European Union after more than forty years.

The decision will have direct implications for many of The Local’s British readers in Sweden and around Europe – most of whom say they want to Britain to stay in. It will also have profound implications for the future of Sweden and other European countries.

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To find out more about what’s at stake, come along and talk through the issues with British and Swedish experts in Stockholm on Monday, at an event co-organized by The Local.


David Ahlin, from global polling company Ipsos.

Nick Aylott, Swedish-based British political scientist, Södertörn University.

Pyry Niemi, Member of Parliament for the Social Democrats, Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Ulrica Schenström, Political Commentator and former State Secretary for the Moderate Party. Read what Ulrica Schenström has to say about Brexit here.

James Savage , Co-Founder and Managing Editor, The Local.

Aidan Liddle, Deputy Head of Mission, British Embassy.

Moderator: Christina Winroth, Chairman PES Stockholm.

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Location: ABF Huset, Sveavägen 41, Stockholm. Refreshments and snacks will be offered.

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