Last chance (for now) to sweat in Swedish sun

After almost a week of warm weather, Tuesday could be the last time for a while that temperatures top 20C in much of Sweden.

Last chance (for now) to sweat in Swedish sun
Swedes enjoying the May heatwave. Photo: Pontus Lundahl/TT

Stockholm has been enjoying the warmest start to May in 25 years according to meteorologists. Temperatures topped 26C on Monday, around 10C higher than usual and hotter than in much of the Mediterranean.

Meanwhile large parts of the south and west of the country have also been treated to a mini-heatwave, with even southern Norrland enjoying temperatures in the high teens or above in recent days.

“The last time we had a similarly hot May as this was in the 1990s, so it's been a while,” forecaster Johan Groth told Swedish tabloid Expressen.


Tuesday is set to remain warm and sunny in many places, with Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö all likely to reach close to 25C.

However forecasters are warning that it could be the last chance in a while to enjoy an outdoor barbecue without bringing your spare hoodie along or to take a swim without needing a sauna to warm you up afterwards.

Much more unstable weather is on the way, with cooler air from the north likely to gradually take hold as the week progresses.

“The cool air will form clouds and rain. Eventually it will push the heat away from central and southern Sweden,” explained Groth.

Meanwhile Östersund and much of Norrland in northern Sweden will see temperatures drop back to around 10C, having already dipped since the weekend.

Sweden officially entered summer last week after temperatures reached double digits for more than five days in a row.