Swedes sweat on this year’s hottest day yet

Sweden has reached sizzling temperatures this summer, with Gothenburg on the west coast observing the hottest day of the season so far.

Swedes sweat on this year's hottest day yet
Swedes enjoying the Summerburst music festival in Gothenburg on the weekend. Photo: Frida Winter/TT

A scorching 29.1C (or as it's known in the Mediterranean, “a nice cool summer day”) was recorded in Sweden's second biggest city on Tuesday.

“It's the highest temperature measured this season,” commented Stina Kihlgren, meteorologist at national weather agency SMHI, as Gothenburg broke the year's previous record, 27.8C in Halmstad on May 24th.

And the Swedish heatwave shows no signs of cooling off. At least not in southern regions Halland and Skåne, where similar temperatures are predicted for the coming two days.

“But western Svealand [central Sweden] could reach 29C too,” Kihlgren told the TT newswire.

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SMHI meanwhile issued forest fire warnings in southern Sweden, as well as grass fires in the north-west.

Thunder storms hit Halland on Tuesday, briefly knocking out power for around 5,000 people.

“It's raining a lot, electrical cabinets are on fire, there are grass fires flaring up because of lightning strikes,” fire and rescue officer Andreas Randevik told the Göteborgs-Posten newspaper yesterday.