Sweden’s famous 100-year-old set for action-packed sequel

Filming is under way for the hyped sequel to Swedish Oscar-nominated movie 'The 100-year-old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared'.

Sweden's famous 100-year-old set for action-packed sequel
Robert Gustafsson and Iwar Wiklander in 'The 100-year-old man...' Photo: Music Box Films

Based on a novel by the same name by author Jonas Jonasson, the 2013 film – released internationally in 2015 – saw Robert Gustafsson play Allan Karlsson, 100, who escapes his retirement home and embarks on a roadtrip adventure involving gangs of criminals, large sums of cash… and an elephant.

The huge international hit became Sweden's highest-grossing film of all time and was nominated for an Academy Award for best hair and makeup earlier this year.

Filmmakers are now working on turning the massive success into a sequel, and excitement was high among fans when the actors revealed new details about the film – called 'The 101-year-old man who dodged the restaurant bill and disappeared' – at a press gathering this week.

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Iwar Wiklander and Robert Gustafsson, who both star in the movie. Photo: Thomas Johansson/TT

The sequel kicks off on Bali, where adventurous retiree Allan Karlsson is relaxing with his friends, living off the money they stole from a gang of Swedish mobsters in the previous film.

But their millions are slowly running out.

“We are bad at living luxuriously. Newly rich people are bad at wasting money in that tasteful kind of way, and instead burn the money irresponsibly,” the star of the movie, Gustafsson, told reporters.

The crew are currently shooting in Trollhättan in western Sweden, and are set to head to both Hungary and Thailand. Much of the plot remains secret, but gangsters, the CIA and a soft drink brand will all play a part.

“The difficult thing about continuing things like this is to strike the right balance between surprise and familiarity. People probably want to see some flashbacks from Allan's old life, but we obviously can't use the same flashbacks we used in the previous movie,” director Måns Herngren told public broadcaster SVT.

One of the fans' main fears is that the title character will eventually pass away of his admittedly very old age.

“He may, we'll see,” Gustafsson said unhelpfully.

But he added: “When I was little 100-year-olds were something that attracted attention, it was a big deal. Today it's nothing. I think there are soon half a million of them… so 110 years would be reasonable, at least.”

The movie will be released on Christmas Day in Sweden.

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Meet Sweden’s oldest newlyweds (probably)

Sweden has gone crazy for two lovebirds who prove it is never too late to find love. Ingrid Jonsson, 88, told The Local on Tuesday how she and Håkan Andersson, 94, tied the knot after almost two decades together and are thought to be the oldest newlyweds in the land.

Meet Sweden's oldest newlyweds (probably)
Two unlikely newlyweds have become Sweden's favourite sweethearts. Photo: Helena Wahlman/

The couple from Halmstad in southern Sweden met 17 years ago through mutual friends, but it was only last weekend that they finally married in Sperlingsholm church in the presence of family and friends.

“It surpassed all my expectations. It was very grand and the priest was wonderful,” Ingrid described the wedding in an interview with The Local.

Around a year ago, Ingrid and Håkan – who already lived together in the nearby village of Hyltebruk – decided to sell their house and move to a smaller apartment in Halmstad. And why not get married at the same time, thought the pair.

“We met many years ago but we hadn't really had the opportunity to get married until now,” said Ingrid.

First featured in regional paper Hallandsposten, the former tinsmith and nurse have quickly become Sweden's two favourite sweethearts, with several newspapers reporting on the story and Swedes taking to social media in droves to congratulate the pair.

“Never say never,” wrote one Twitter user. “Håkan, 94, and Ingrid, 88, have said I do.”

And a reporter at regional tabloid Kvällsposten, who also picked up the story, tweeted: “It is never too late! So cute!”

“I haven't got any idea why it's got so big. I don't understand it at all, but I suppose it's maybe to do with the age,” said a slightly shocked Ingrid and revealed that she has not yet had time to read the articles about herself and her new husband.

“We've just had so many guests! But now we're going to have a big party and then maybe make a honeymoon trip somewhere, but that hasn't been decided yet,” she said.

While certainly one of Sweden's oldest couples, Ingrid and Håkan are about to face some competition for the world title from George Kirby and Doreen Luckie from Eastbourne in the United Kingdom. Aged 103 and 91, the couple are set to become the world's oldest newlyweds when they marry on June 13th.