NFGL reflections: events of 2015-2016

Another academic year has come to an end - what was it like? Let's take a moment to reflect on some of the highlights for NFGL members this year.

NFGL reflections: events of 2015-2016


The Kickoff event in September

Remember this? The first time for many of you gathering together to learn more about Sweden and prepare to start your studies. 

Lund's journey to Bosjökloster

Galyna Paliychuk, the Head of the NFGL Lund Network, made a video about the group's trip to Bosjökloster.

SI Alumni organize international training course on Swedish island

What do future global leaders do after graduation? Natasha Dmytrenko writes about her experience planning and conducting an international training course on an island near Gothenburg.


'Go all the way – doubt kills everything'

SI alum Katsiaryna Syrayezhkina tells SI News about a recent event she organized in Minsk about sustainable living, and advises current students and alumni on how to make a difference.


'SI opened the door to a world of inspiration'

SI alum Olga Ryabova organized an event in Moscow, focusing on sustainability. Olga tells The Local why she wants to continue organizing events and what it's like to be part of the SI legacy.

Inside TetraPak: an NFGL field trip

NFGL students got the chance to visit revolutionary packaging company Tetra Pak. Galyna Paliychuk shares her experience, as well as pictures and video from the visit.

Open Democracy: Study visit to Riksdag

On November 2, the Swedish Institute organized a study visit to Riksdag, the Swedish parliament. SI NFGL member Mariia Opanasenko writes about the experience.

'No women, no peace!'

NFGL students got the chance to attend a workshop with Kvinna till Kvinna, a women's rights organization. NFGL member María José Velásquez Flores talks about the experience.

The internet of things: our future wings

How will the Internet of Things change business – and change our world? The Jönköping SI network held an event addressing the topic. Helga Kayda reflects after the event.

Munktell Science Park: rules of innovation

Why are the Swedes so innovative? How do they do it? Diana Imamgaiazova discovered some of their secrets at the recent SI visit to Munktell Science Park.

Reflections from Barents Press and Haparanda

Roman Privalov writes about the Barents Press event in Haparanda, on the border to Finland – including reflection son media digitalization and propaganda.

SI members graduate at City Hall

The diploma ceremony for the graduating class of 2016 was held at Stockholm City Hall on Friday. Congratulations to all new alumni!