How this man got stuck for hours in a Swedish toilet

How this man got stuck for hours in a Swedish toilet
Apparently flushing is the dangerous part. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT
Making a trip to the toilet in a busy bar can be an unpleasant experience at the best of times, but for one guest at a Swedish tavern, a visit to the lavatory became an even bigger nightmare than usual.

The unfortunate incident occurred at a bar in Eskilstuna – a small city around 100km west of Stockholm – where a man was just about to finish his business and pull the flush when he slipped, somehow managing to lodge himself between the latrine and the wall in the process.

Unable to break free, the hapless client was fortunate enough that he could reach his mobile phone in his pocket to call his partner for help. His plight was destined to continue however, as both the bar owner and other guests were unable to dislodge him.

He remained between a toilet and a hard place for several hours before emergency services eventually arrived at the scene, breaking him free by removing the toilet bowl.

Despite the awkwardness of the whole affair, it seems the unlucky lavatory-goer took it well.

“He didn’t panic or anything like that, and was in good spirits,” the bar owner told local paper Eskilstuna Kuriren.

The moral of the story? Check your footing before you flush.