Is Swedish nationalists’ foreign food ban bananas?

Swedish nationalist party the Sweden Democrats are known for their controversial views, but their latest suggestion may just be the most far-fetched of them all.

Is Swedish nationalists’ foreign food ban bananas?
Banana lovers, look away now. Photo: NTB scanpix/TT

According to local paper Smålandsposten, the anti-immigration party’s 2017 budget proposal for the Alvesta municipality includes a ban on the purchase of all foreign foods. The madcap proposition was revealed when the Sweden Democrats, the joint third-largest party in the local council, made their draft budget for the district public on Friday.

The draft states that “organically produced products are desirable, but the most important thing is that food is locally produced, that is to say, Swedish”. The suggested ban would make it extremely difficult for the municipality to serve up imported products like bananas, rice, and a number of vegetables not grown in Sweden.

Social Democrat councillor for Alvesta Per Ribacke does not think the idea has much of a chance of getting off the ground.

“In practice it’s impossible. We are dependent on food from other countries,” he told SVT News.

Far from being dedicated to nothing but herring and potatoes, Sweden has made a habit of embracing foreign food. Eating tacos on Friday is a tradition that is now a firm part of Swedish culture, while pasta covered with ketchup is one of the country's most popular comfort foods