Five easy ways to travel more often

We all like to get away every now and then. Here's how you can make it happen more often.

Five easy ways to travel more often
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1. Give up fika

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Okay, so we admit this one might not be that easy. But it's totally doable! Do you have to buy that 34 kronor latte after lunch? Do you really need a cinnamon bun to go with it?

Fika is an integral part of Swedish culture, we know. But you can save a fortune by giving it up. Think about it. A 50-kronor fika three times a week will cost you 7,800kr after a year. That could be enough for a round-trip direct flight to Hong Kong.

If you have a hard time not spending the cash you save, try using an app like Dreams to put aside would-be fika costs and other expenses straight into a special savings account.

2. Shopping to country-hopping

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You don't have to give up shopping to afford travel, though. You could just put that macchiato – and those new jeans, and that new sofa – on your SAS EuroBonus American Express Card.

Every time you shop using your SAS EuroBonus American Express Card you earn EuroBonus Extrapoints which can be used to book or upgrade flights. And the more you shop the better the deal – for instance, if you use your Classic Card to spend 100,000 kronor during a one-year-period, you can get a trip within Europe for half the SAS EuroBonus points. That's a lot of fika, sure, but factor in groceries and normal living expenses and you'll be there in no time. It's basically two for one – so you can even bring a friend.

3. Sharing is caring

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The world is quickly moving towards a sharing economy. So take advantage of it. Obviously you can try to stay with friends, but think outside the box: do you need to rent a car, or can you share one with BlaBlaCar?

Do you need to pay for a tour or could you use Vayable? Yes, you could try that overpriced downtown restaurant you saw on TripAdvisor – or you could mingle with the locals and try EatWith.

Not only are these alternatives typically more social (and fun), but they can also save you a ton, meaning that cash can go towards booking more flights!

4. Negotiate more vacation days

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This is Sweden. Take advantage of it. Not only do you already get at least 20 days of paid holiday – at many companies you can negotiate for more. You can do this as part of your annual review instead of a raise, for instance. Many companies also allow you to”exchange” overtime hours for extra vacation days. Hen who does not ask does not receive – so be bold!

5. Plan ahead and go red

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But if that doesn't work, like we said – you already have 20+ days of holiday. Add that to all of Sweden's many national”red days” (bank holidays), and it's closer to 35. The trick is to plan ahead, taking advantage of said red days and any 'klämdagar' between to maximize the number of long weekends you have.

Days that Swedes have off will typically be more expensive, but if you book six months in advance you may miss the worst of the price-hikes. 

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