How many Swedes were unfaithful last year?

How many Swedes were unfaithful last year?
Photo: Sandra Qvist/TT
A third of Swedes cheated on their partners last year. Or three percent. It depends on how you define infidelity, a new study shows.

Three percent of respondents in the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education's (RFSU) annual survey said they had engaged in a sexual activity with another person that their partner didn't know about and would't have much appreciated, Aftonbladet reported.

A model of restraint, you might think, but the national cheat-ometer screeched into life when other kinds of naughtiness came into play.

What about sex chats, porn-surfing, online flirting, webcam sex, setting up a real-life meeting with an online pal? Is that cheating?

Women think so more than men, it turns out. Sixty-five percent of women reckon sex chats amount to infidelity compared to 49 percent of men.

Porn-surfing while in a monogamous relationship is considered cheating by 13 percent of women, which was twice the total for men.

Based on their own definitions of what it means to be unfaithful 32 percent of Swedes said either they or their partner had cheated last year.

RFSU questioned 1,062 Swedes aged 15-65 about their sex habits for the survey.