Kidnappers with chainsaw abduct man in Stockholm

A man has been arrested after armed kidnappers bundled a man into a van and drove off with him shortly after noon on Friday outside the Bromma Blocks shopping centre in Stockholm.

Kidnappers with chainsaw abduct man in Stockholm
The scene of the kidnapping in Stockholm. Photo: Maja Suslin/TT

Police were tight-lipped on the vehicle’s appearance and would not comment on the extent of the search for the missing man.

But newspaper Aftonbladet reported that several men had jumped out of a foreign-registered van after forcing the victim’s car off the road.

At least one of the kidnappers was armed with a chainsaw, the newspaper said.

“We are looking for the vehicle right now and we are questioning witnesses at the scene. It’s an ongoing operation,” police press spokesman Hesam Akbar told news agency TT.

And just after 15:30, authorities confirmed they had arrested a man suspected of involvement in the kidnapping. 

“I can't say more because we are looking for more people,” police spokesperson Alvin Näverberg told TT.

As of 16:00 on Friday evening the man who was abducted had not yet been found.


Divers join hunt for missing mother of two

As police continue to question a man being held overthe disappearance of a 20-year-old mother of two, divers have taken to the lakes and storm drains around Trollhättan, western Sweden, in the hopes of finding her.

Divers join hunt for missing mother of two

The woman has been missing since Sunday, when she was last seen in Trollhättan, roughly 75 kilometres north of Gothenburg.

On Wednesday, a 35-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of having kidnapped the mother of two, although he has denied any involvement.

Police on Thursday increased their hunt for the woman, sending divers to lakes and storm drains in the countryside in the vicinity of Hunneberg, north of Trollhättan.

“We are doing a thorough search up there on the mountain and if you’re going to do it, you should do it properly,” Sten Rune Timmersjö of the local police told the TT news agency.

In Hunneberg, roughly ten kilometres from Trollhättan, clothes and a backpack were found, which have been sent in for analysis. A burnt out car was also discovered in the area. It remains unclear if the car or the clothes have any connection to the case, but investigators are looking into both.

Police have concluded that no murder could have occurred in the woman’s apartment.

Around 200 volunteers from the Missing People organization have also joined the search party.

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