Swedish finance minister: Don’t punish the UK for Brexit

Swedish finance minister: Don't punish the UK for Brexit
Andersson speaking at the Almedalen Week on Gotland. Photo: Janerik Henriksson/TT
Sweden's finance minister Magdalena Andersson does not want the EU to "punish" Britain for its decision to leave the European Union, and believes that the UK will receive favourable exit conditions.

“I think we will be one of the countries in the EU that considers it reasonable that the UK should get good terms,” Andersson told news agency TT in an interview from the Almedalen Week politics meet-up on Gotland.

The Finance Minister stated that the EU will evidently continue to trade with the UK, which is an important trading partner for Sweden.

She once again reiterated that the UK will not be able to cherry-pick the rules it wants to follow however, using the same terms she chose when commenting in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote.

In other words, Andersson believes that the UK cannot retain the benefits of EU membership while at the same time avoiding EU requirements like union-wide environmental standards.

The Swedish Ministry of Finance is in the process of putting together new forecasts for the Swedish economy, which could be affected by the UK’s referendum decision.

It is too early to tell just how much of an impact the Brexit vote may have had however, according to Andersson.