Refugee crisis

Thousands of asylum seekers lose assistance from Sweden

Thousands of asylum seekers lose assistance from Sweden
A home for asylum seekers in Pajala, Sweden. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT
A recent amendment to asylum laws in Sweden has resulted in a number of asylum seekers living homeless after access to assistance was cut off, Sveriges Radio reports.

Since June 1st, people who have received a final rejection on their asylum application in Sweden are no longer entitled to accommodation or a daily allowance from the Swedish migration authority, Migrationsverket.

New figures cited by Sveriges Radio show that in just over a month, 2400 people have lost their access to daily allowances, and 1700 have left Migrationsverket accommodation.

Those that have had their final asylum application rejected by Migrationsverket are told to leave the country, but Sveriges Radio reports that many opt to remain, and instead live homeless in Sweden.

The amendment to the Reception of Asylum Seekers Act applies to asylum seekers over the age of 18 who have received a final refusal of entry or expulsion order in Sweden, which can no longer be appealed. The amendment does not apply to adults living with children under the age of 18.

Before the law came into place, around 4500 people were told they would no longer be entitled to a daily allowance or a place in asylum accommodation in Sweden after June 1st.