Malmö police probe three shootings within 11 minutes

Malmö police probe three shootings within 11 minutes
Police investigate one of the locations where shots were heard in Malmö. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT
Shots were fired at three different locations in southern Swedish city Malmö within the space of minutes on Monday night.

Alarms were raised after shots were heard between 11.05pm and 11.16pm. None of the three shootings lead to any injuries, and police are working on the theory that they could be linked.

“It is highly likely that they are linked, though one cannot exclude the possibility that any of them could be a separate event,” Skåne police duty officer Peter Martin told news agency TT.

All three events have been classified as attempted murder, though that could change over the course of  investigation. Roads Jägersrovägen, Ligustergatan and Duvhöksgatan in the south of the city are all blocked off while the police carry out their investigation of the areas.

“There have been various findings. At one place we believe there are traces of shots at a house façade. We have also found bullet casings at one location,” police officer Martin said.

Police also have information on different cars that left the sites, which they are now looking into. 

“We don’t have an official car that we are going out and looking for, but of course we have information that we are working on,” Martin explained.

Police will interview more witnesses in connection with the shootings on Tuesday.