Summer’s so hot this Swedish weather host left his fly open

Watching the Swedish summer weather report can make anyone gloomy. But one presenter brought a smile to his viewers' faces when he walked out on live TV with his fly left wide open.

Summer's so hot this Swedish weather host left his fly open
There's a change in the weather, folks. Photo: SVT screenshot

Viewers may have found it difficult to focus during broadcaster SVT's 6pm weather report when meteorologist Joel Mellin talked about weather fronts and cumulus clouds with his zipper down.

The live report aired on Tuesday evening, but thanks to the beauty of the internet, social media and online television, by Thursday morning the Swedish forecaster's trousers had gone more than viral.

Mellin later explained to the Aftonbladet tabloid that he had changed into shorts and a t-shirt earlier in the day to enjoy what the Swedes refer to as a heatwave (20-25C… yeah, we know).

When he changed back just before going on air, he forgot one essential detail.

“I realized it immediately afterwards. I didn't have time to look at the video to see if it was true, but then I got a phone call confirming it, and the news anchor told me that I hadn't pulled up the zipper,” said Mellin. “I just thought 'oops'. It was quite amusing, actually.”

But despite viewers quickly taking to SVT's Facebook page to comment on the clip, the meteorologist did not seem too embarrassed.

“It could happen to anyone and at any time, really. It could happen when you're at home, but it could also happen during a weather report on television. You have to be prepared for that kind of thing too, even when you're live,” he laughed.

And hey, at least Mellin can be thankful that his incident was not as revealing as that time US rocker Lenny Kravitz split his trousers on stage in Stockholm.