Stockholm Pokémon hunter impaled on metal fence spike

Stockholm Pokémon hunter impaled on metal fence spike
Another Swede playing Pokémon Go in Stockholm. Photo: Izabelle Nordfjell/TT
For one Stockholm Pokémon Go enthusiast the chase took a turn for the worse on Friday.

Swedes are certainly not ones to turn down trends, and they have just like the rest of the world got swept up in the sudden Pokémon Go craze in this past week, with users of the gaming app running all around their towns and cities catching the cartoon monsters.

The augmented reality technology allows players to physically walk around their surroundings to search for and 'catch' Pokémon, using their smart phone cameras.

But it has not been uncontroversial. Churches, military cemeteries, Holocaust memorials and restricted areas have all reported being featured in the game. There have also been injuries, and even deaths.

On Friday emergency services were called out to rescue a man who had got his thigh impaled on a metal fence while trying to climb into Stockholm's Stadium just after 1pm to, reportedly, catch a Pokémon.

“That's what I've heard. He tried to sneak in there when he was playing that game,” a firefighter told the Aftonbladet tabloid.

“I don't really know what it is. But it seems popular. People all over the city seem to be playing it.”

A witness told the newspaper that police officers had arrived to keep the man in position while ambulance staff gave him morphine injections, before they lifted him from the fence.

The extent of the man's injuries was not immediately known, but emergency control room officer Göran Norman confirmed that he had been taken to hospital.

“We had to lift him off and the medical team took over and drove him to hospital. It's a few metres high. High enough that you have to climb anyway,” he said.

The Local's journalist Lee Roden reported after playing the game in Stockholm last weekend that the app by Nintendo and developer Niantic has taken hold in the city.

In one park outside the Swedish parliament he said everyone within eyesight had their phone in hand with the sound of the game's theme music emanating from their devices.

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