When Alicia Vikander taught us to put our pen in the bottle

When Alicia Vikander taught us to put our pen in the bottle
Swedish actress Alicia Vikander and US talkshow host Jimmy Fallon. Photo: Tonight Show/NBC/Screenshot
Swedish Hollywood star Alicia Vikander has once again been spreading some of her home country's peculiar traditions abroad. Introducing: this really weird Swedish drinking game.

Sweden is a country of very many unique traditions and more Hollywood actors than there are frogs around a Midsummer maypole. Some of the best of the former are drinking games – and one of the most famous of the latter is Oscar winner Alicia Vikander.

Put the two together (drinking games and Hollywood actors we mean, not the frogs) and you get an oddly hilarious video from US 'The Tonight Show' that has gone viral overnight.

Now, this is not the first time Vikander appears on the talkshow to talk Swedishness. Last year she and US-married-to-a-Swede comedian Will Ferrell belted out a version of drinking song 'Helan Går'. She has also explained both crayfish parties and Midsummer on the show.

This time around, she showed host Jimmy Fallon how to play a game called 'pen in the bottle'. They skip what is arguably the best part, drinking the contents of the bottle, and move onto the final stages of the game which involves tying a pen around your waist.

The next step sees Vikander and Falling squatting in very awkward positions, trying to lower their pens into bottles on the floor, while giggling and making innuendo jokes. But don't listen to us, just watch the clip:

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Vikander is one of Hollywood's new favourite sweethearts, with roles in blockbusters such as Academy Award-winning transgender movie 'The Danish Girl' and more recently, the latest instalment of Matt Damon's action series about former CIA assassin Jason Bourne.

The 27-year-old from Gothenburg plays Heather Lee, one of the new lead characters in the film, which premiered last week. Earlier this year she became the first Swedish actress to win an Academy Award in four decades for her performance in 'The Danish Girl'.