This Swedish fireman rescued a sheep in his underwear

A Swedish fireman stripped down to his underwear and fearlessly jumped into a cold river to rescue a stranded sheep on Wednesday morning.

This Swedish fireman rescued a sheep in his underwear
Fredrik Johansson (right) rescuing a sheep from the Nordre river. Photo: Linus Olsson/Larm foto

Fredrik Johansson, a team leader at Bohus Rescue Services (Bohus räddningstjänstförbund), was just about to finish his overnight shift in the early hours of Wednesday when he received a call from a Norwegian tourist who had spotted a sheep in the Nordre river at Kungälv, north of Gothenburg.

“I got the alarm at about 6.35am from a tourist from Trondheim for someone to come down, so I went and took a look. I quickly decided it wasn’t necessary to bother the rest of the guys at the station,” he told The Local.

Johansson instead ditched most of his clothes and sprang into action, jumping into the river. With the help of the Norwegian tourist, he was able to get the sheep out of the water.

When asked about his efforts, the fireman responded with typical Swedish understatement.

“It wasn’t so special, nothing spectacular. The water was a decent swimming temperature, about 15 or 16 degrees,” he explained.

“In the past there have been cows in the river and horses too. This is the first time I’ve had to take all my clothes off to rescue an animal though,” he laughed.   

When The Local contacted Bohus Rescue Services about the incident, on-duty team leader Carl-Gösta Hermansson joked that Johansson was “a real Viking – a Viking man”, and noted that he had already received several calls about his heroics.

Johansson’s actions follow another scantily-clad rescue in Sweden from last week. On July 28th, off-duty police officer Mikaela Kellner was sunbathing in Stockholm when she spotted a pick-pocket and decided to take action.

Kellner apprehended the man while wearing her bikini, and an image of her doing so soon went viral.