Amy Schumer heckler: ‘I didn’t mean to sound so sexist’

Amy Schumer heckler: 'I didn't mean to sound so sexist'
Amy Schumer. Photo: Jack Plunkett/AP/TT
The man comedian Amy Schumer threw out of her Stockholm stand-up gig this week after he shouted "show us your tits" has said that he did not mean to sound sexist with his comments.

Speaking anonymously to Swedish radio station P3, the heckler said the incident was preceded by heavy drinking on an empty stomach.

“It was a hectic day at the job, I didn’t manage to have lunch, and it ended a bit later than I thought. Time was a bit tight and of course I had some beer and some shots, I was really drunk on an empty stomach,” he explained.

The man told the interviewer that he is a “big stand-up fan” as well as a fan of the American comedian, and in his intoxicated state thought it could be fun to heckle.

“For some strange reason, due to the intoxication I thought ‘say this’, which was wrong. She speaks a lot about herself in that way and it felt fitting to me in my intoxicated state,” he said.

He then claimed that after first shouting “show us your tits” at the comedian, he subsequently shouted “I’ll still love you anyway” after Schumer threatened to throw him out of the venue, but in the video of the event that isn’t clear, leading to confusion over whether another sexist remark was made.

The heckler said he tried to explain that to the guards after being escorted out of the hall, but they didn’t want to listen as Schumer had already decided he should be ejected.

Asked by the P3 interviewer how he feels now that the incident has made international headlines, the heckler said “like a bag of shit”, adding: “It was absolutely not my intention to sound so sexist. I have every respect for women, 100 percent. I really don’t feel good.”

The stand-up comedian has shared the video of the event on her official Facebook page, chalking up over 1.5 million views in a day.