‘Trump spreads conspiracy theories and is openly racist’

'Trump spreads conspiracy theories and is openly racist'
Kinnaman pictured earlier this year. Photo: Joel Ryan/AP/TT
House of Cards star Joel Kinnaman has once again hit out at US presidential candidate Donald Trump, calling him "openly racist" and saying that there is "no choice" but to vote for rival Hillary Clinton in the forthcoming election.

Though a Swede by birth, Kinnaman’s father is American. The actor holds dual nationality and will be able to vote for a new commander-in-chief in November.

And the 36-year-old wasn’t scared to voice his preference for the race during an interview with Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter published on Friday.

When asked who he will vote for, Kinnaman replied:

“There is no choice, for Hillary Clinton. A reality with Donald Trump as president is so frightening you don’t dare even imagine it.”

Kinnaman – who currently plays presidential hopeful Will Conway in Netflix series House of Cards – didn’t stop there, going on to further hammer the billionaire businessman.

“The scariest thing about him is how unaware he is of his own ignorance (…) He spreads conspiracy theories and is openly racist,” he added.

This isn’t the first time Kinnaman has hit out at Trump. In a previous Swedish interview with King Magazine last August, the Hollywood star said that if the New Yorker wins in November, he and his family will be “packing our bags and moving home to Sweden”.

And a quick look at Kinnaman's Twitter feed makes his thoughts even clearer: