Sept. 30: Self-driving cars development at Volvo Cars


This talk by Mohammad Ali gives an overview of DriveMe, Volvo Cars' self-driving cars project. One of the greatest challenges in the project is to make sure that the vehicle is capable of taking complete responsibility of the driving task when it is in self-driving mode.

This puts unique requirements on the whole vehicle design and affects things like its electrical architecture, HMI and software components. The talk will highlight some of these requirements and possible ways of tackling them. Particular emphasis will be put on challenges and use-cases tackled by the decision and control algorithms.

Mohammad Ali received his PhD in Mechatronics in 2012. Since then he has been working with Active Safety development at Volvo Cars. He is currently working as Technical Specialist in Autonomous Driving and team leader of the decision and control team which develops all decision algorithms for Volvos autonomous driving and driver support functions.

This lecture is organized by the Internet of Things and People (IOTAP) research center and the Unlocking User Value in IoT (UseIT) project. 

View invitation on IOTAP's website.

When: September 30, 10:30 – 12:00
Where: Niagra NI:A0606, Malmö University