Swede steals candy, then phones police to confess

Swede steals candy, then phones police to confess
One Swede's sweet tooth got out of control on Tuesday. Photo: Stian Lysberg Solum
Police in northern Sweden had an unusual end to the day on Tuesday when a man called them in the evening to confess that he had carried out an armed robbery on a candy store.

The sweet-toothed caller explained that he felt bad about thieving from a shop in Övertorneå near the border with Finland, and that he wanted to be arrested.

An alarm was also raised from the store itself some time after, with staff saying that an armed man had forcibly taken sweets from the shop.

Police maintained contact with the caller, who is in his thirties, and he was apprehended about half an hour after his telephone confession.

He told officers that he was under the influence of drugs and did not feel well. Police also seized a weapon which turned out to be an air gun.

Candy crime is not unheard of in Sweden, where in May, a huge haul of chewing gum was stolen from the back of a truck while its unsuspecting driver slept nearby. 

In July meanwhile almost two tonnes' worth of sweets estimated to be worth around 60,000 kronor ($7000) were stolen from a well-known candy outlet in the south of the country.