Watch this Swede roll a kayak without spilling a drop of beer

Ever wondered how to do a 360 degree underwater turn in a kayak without spilling a drop of your beer? One talented Swede has proven that it is possible in a new video.

Watch this Swede roll a kayak without spilling a drop of beer
Zet Freiburghaus can do incredible things with his kayak. Photo: Private

Once an elite canoeist who won national and Nordic championships, Zet Freiburghaus is now a mathematics teacher in Staffanstorp, southern Sweden, but he still knows how to handle a paddle, as his beer trick shows.

Yesterday, Zet Freiburghaus showed us, how to make a roll WITHOUT a paddle and still not wet the can! 🙂

Posted by Adrian Nordenborg on Monday, 5 September 2016

“There’s a lot of training behind it. A lot of people want to learn how to do the Eskimo roll as it's known, and this is a way of showing it,” Freiburghaus told The Local.

“It’s good to start with a paddle first, then learn some variants on that. It’s quite difficult to pull off in the beginning.”

The important part of getting it right, the kayak master said, is to avoid the temptation to remove your head from the water too quickly.

“You have to work on the technique, the trick is to get the hips right first. It’s natural to try and put your head out of the water first but if you do that it won’t work,” he explained.

“Once the hips are right, the hand and the body can come out, and the head should come out last. Work on that until it becomes natural, because taking your head out of the water last isn’t so normal.”

Freiburghaus insisted that there are many others who can do a perfect roll. Whether they can manage it without spilling a drop of beer is a different question.