Spectacular photos show stunning Sweden at night

Andreas Joakimson from the Jönköping area of southern Sweden takes his camera with him everywhere. And with skills like his, we can see why.

Spectacular photos show stunning Sweden at night
Sweden's west coast. Photo: Andreas Joakimson

Joakimson lives in Kaxholmen, Jönköping, and works as a festival director at the Gullbranna festival near Halmstad, but it's his photography that has been attracting attention on social media recently. 

“I began photographing when I was a teenager. Then I went to an arts and photo school. I have been doing photography professionally since 2000,” he told The Local. 

Some of Joakimson's most striking pictures are those of Sweden at night. Asked what he finds particularly appealing about nighttime photography, he replied: “In the north, we have a fantastic light in the evenings and nights, especially during the summer. The blue light creates a special atmosphere in the pictures.”

Evening on Sweden's west coast. Photo: Andreas Joakimson

Joakimson said his favourite places to photograph are where he lives, near Lake Vättern, as well as Gotland, Öland, the west coast (Halland and Bohuslän) and the mountains of the Swedish north.

Andreas Joakimson. Photo: Andreas Joakimson

The Milky Way from northern Öland. Photo: Andreas Joakimson

His tips for taking the best photos? “You need time and you need to take many pictures and get to know your camera. Work on composing images that you want, use different lenses and shoot from different perspectives.”

The Northern Lights, captured a week ago near Jönköping. Joakimson told The Local this is one of his favourite photos. Photo: Andreas Joakimson

Visby, Gotland. Photo: Andreas Joakimson

Sweden's west coast, Halland County. Photo: Andreas Joakimson

Check out Joakimson's Instagram account to see more of his beautiful photos.