Volvo recalls 127,000 cars worldwide

Volvo recalls 127,000 cars worldwide
Volvo is recalling 127,000 cars. Photo: Björn Lindgren/TT
Swedish car maker Volvo is recalling around 127,000 of its vehicles around the world after a potential fault that could reportedly cause the air bags to malfunction was discovered.

No accidents have been reported, but the company said that a drain hose may have been installed incorrectly at the factory, which could cause the air conditioning to leak water into the vehicles.

“The purpose of the hose is to drain condensation from the air conditioner. If the fault occurs it could lead to moisture inside the car, which in turn could cause functional problems for the air conditioning. In the long run it could affect other electrical systems,” Volvo Cars communications director Katarina Adamson told the TT news agency.

The vehicles being recalled are XC90 SUV, S90 and V90, from the years 2016 and 2017. In Sweden around 6,400 cars are affected. Not all the cars necessarily have the fault, stressed Adamson.

Several international and Swedish media reported late on Thursday that the faulty drain hose affecting electrical systems could lead to the air bag not deploying in the case of a crash.

“I have no information about that and I can't comment,” said Adamson.

Volvo owners are advised to contact their nearest authorized dealer.