Nobel row looms over new winner announcement

While the judges prepare to unveil the name of the 2016 winner on Monday, the row over the sacking of two panel members in the wake of last year's controversy rumbles on, especially as some of those who were involved in the scandal are still participating in the procedure of choosing the next winner.

Nobel row looms over new winner announcement
Paolo Macchiarini. Photo: TT

The Karolinska Institute is trying to restore its reputation after a scandal involving one of its top researchers, Italian surgeon Paolo Macchiarini. Macchiarini had gained a reputation as a leading specialist in windpipe transplants, but two of his patients died and he was later accused of falsifying his work record.

Harriet Wallberg and Anders Hamsten, two judges who lost their positions on the Nobel panel in the wake of the ensuing scandal, had previously served as heads of the Karolinska Institute, and were among several individuals suspected of ignoring warnings about Macchiarini.

While the surgeon continues to deny the allegations against him, the row hangs over the panel of judges as they deliberate over the next award. The panel will be hoping for more positive headlines in the days to come.