Man in Sweden assaulted by clowns with broken bottle

Three men dressed as clowns have injured a man in in Sweden after attacking him with a broken bottle early on Sunday morning.

Man in Sweden assaulted by clowns with broken bottle
The "killer clowns" were seen outside the Netto supermarket in Falköping. Photo: Google
The man, who is in his 20s, received cuts to his hands after he was set upon by the “killer clown” assailants in the town of Falköping, 120km northeast of Gothenburg.  
“We have information about three perpetrators, two stripy and one spotty,” Emma Ekdahl from the local police told Swedish Radio. 
According to Expressen newspaper, the man was surrounded by the three clowns at around 6am on Sunday morning.  The attack has been classified as an assault.
Jenny Widén, a local police spokesman, said that details of the attack remained hazy. 
“The man’s hand was wounded. I don’t know how it happened, and I see no mention that he needed to be taken to hospital,” she told the newspaper. 
“We have discussed clowns a lot. They are frightening, not least because there are many children who are extremely afraid,” Widén added. 
Worried citizens in the town have started a Facebook group to coordinate clown spottings in an attempt to help citizens affected by the new menace. 
“The aim is not to hurt any clowns. The aim is to keep track of them to make it easier for those who are afraid,” William Player, the local reggae artist who started the group, told the Swedish radio. 
The site gives citizens instructions for what to do if they encounter a clown. 
“Firstly and most importantly, ring the police!” it advises. “Do not attempt to attack the clowns yourself.” 
It also asks for volunteers willing to join night patrols to protect people from the clowns.
Clown-hunting citizen watch Facebook groups are now being set up across Sweden, led by Clown Hunters Sweden
On Saturday evening an eight-year-old boy was frightened at home by a clown in Skövde, a town near Falköping. 
There was a knock on the door, and he opened it, believing it was his mother returning. 
“But it was not his mother, it was a clown,” Emma Ekdahl told Swedish Radio. “He became frightened, so frightened that he jumped out of the window.” 
Police in Sweden have yet to arrest and unmask the identity of one of the clowns. 


Sweden’s biggest zoo bans clowns from Halloween show

Sweden’s biggest zoo has banned clowns from this year’s Halloween celebration, replacing them with mimes in performances and confiscating any clown masks or outfits brought by customers.

Sweden's biggest zoo bans clowns from Halloween show
One of the performers at Kolmården's Halloween celebration. Photo: Kolmården Zoo website
Kolmården Zoo, on the Baltic coast near Norrköping, decided to remove clown performances from its Halloween pageant after customers got spooked by the “killer clown” craze which swept Europe in October. 
“Our guests got in touch and asked whether we were going to have clowns because their children were afraid… and after that the decision was easy,” Mattias Zingmark, head of marketing, told Sveriges Radio. 
Zapp the clown, who was due to play a significant role in the Halloween performance, has been written out of the script and the actor given another role. “As an author I love to solve problems, so that’s exactly what I went and did,” said scriptwriter Kim Andersson.
He said that the Zapp character had now been replaced with a less-threatening mime. 
“We have a huge number of artists in [scary] make-up, actors and other extras who will create mystery so it’s obviously a balancing act,” Zingmark said of the changes. 
Any clown masks spotted in the zoo would be removed from customers, he added. 
“We will take away all scary masks from the park, no matter who is wearing them.” 
This is the fifth year running that the Zoo has put on the event, which includes a ghost and zombie safari, a Halloween feast and a Halloween disco. It  began on Wednesday and runs until Sunday night. 
The “killer clown” or “creepy clown” craze emerged in the US in the summer and has spread rapidly in Sweden, with several people being injured by the unsettling pranksters.