Bouncers brag about rejecting foreigners

Bouncers brag about rejecting foreigners
Phot: Ingvar Karmhed/SvD/TT
Doormen at three of Malmö’s best known nightclubs bragged in a closed Facebook group about using violence and making sure to keep foreigners out, Aftonbladet reports.

Nightclub customers are identified with their names and pictures in the group, which has 24 members. 

“Negro Nils has been vaccinated, cuffed and packaged,” boasted one head bouncer, prompting likes and approving comments from other members. 

Doormen in Sweden are vetted by the police and are not permitted to speak about work-related incidents. 

The security guard who was the administrator on Facebook, and an active poster, closed the group when confronted by Aftonbladet. 

“It’s unnecessary. We’ve been in and dissolved the group now. It’s not acceptable,” he told the newspaper.  

Many of the bouncers in the closed group also work for Securitas as security guards at shopping centres in Malmö. 

Securitas said it would launch an internal investigation. 

“If you write something like this then it’s how you think too. If you work as a security guard you are an extension of the police and have to act in a way that’s in line with our values,” company CEO Joachim Källsholm told Aftonbladet.