Oliver, 8, jumps from balcony to escape scary clown

A terrified eight-year-old boy in western Sweden leapt from a balcony to get away from a man dressed as a clown.

Oliver, 8, jumps from balcony to escape scary clown
File photo: Vidar Ruud/NTB Scanpix/TT

Eight-year-old Oliver was briefly left alone when his mother and sister went out to buy groceries in Skara early on Saturday evening, local radio station P4 Skaraborg reports

When he heard someone banging on the front door of the family apartment the boy went out to greet his mother but instead came face to face with what appeared to be a tall, fully grown man in a clown suit. 

Oliver turned on his heels and fled to the balcony. Neighbours then looked on in horror as the boy jumped three metres into the courtyard to get away from the intruder.

When Oliver’s mother returned home she was met by her son and a group of agitated parents, who had seen the clown in the family's living room window. She searched every inch of the apartment and called the police but the imposter had managed to get away undetected. 

Oliver’s feet were sore from the jump but he was otherwise physically unharmed. The incident has however left its mark. 

“He looks all around him to make sure there’s nobody behind him, it was very trying,” his mother told P4 Skaraborg. 

Oliver told the station he was most scared in the evenings “because that’s when the clowns come”. 

Police are investigating. 

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