Illicit abattoir kept more than 100 bulls’ penises

Illicit abattoir kept more than 100 bulls' penises
A couple of young bulls not related to the story. Photo: Jonas Ekströmer/TT
Dried cattle genitalia, goats' heads and hundreds of litres of lard were just a few of the many strange finds discovered when police raided a property in Sweden.

Police and council environment officers visited the property in Hudiksvall municipality, central Sweden, last week, reports the Hela Hälsingland newspaper.

Searching refrigerators, freezers, boxes and drawers in the building, they found a number of beef and pork products you would generally expect to find in an abattoir or your local meat counter as well as:

– Two goats' heads

– Dried hides from reindeer and deer

– Dried trachea, tendons, ears and tails

– 100-200 dried bulls' penises

– 700 litres of bones

– and 500 litres of lard

The property owner, a man in his forties, is now suspected of running an illegal abattoir. The case has been reported to Sweden's National Food Agency (Livsmedelsverket).

According to the report, the man used to visit farmers to slaughter ill or injured animals.

He is then said to have hung the meat and cut it, before handing it back to the farmers. He burned the slaughter waste products in the garden outside his summer house, claims the report.

Dried bull penises are often used to make bully sticks for dogs (a fact that completely passes by a surprising number of dog owners). But council officers ruled that the meat should not be consumed because the animals were not looked at by a veterinary before or after slaughter. The products will therefore be destroyed, reports Hela Hälsingland.