This is officially Sweden’s most beautiful beard

This is officially Sweden's most beautiful beard
The most beautiful beard in Sweden. Photo: Memo Göcek
As anyone who has walked through the hipster neighbourhoods of Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö will attest, beards are an increasingly common sight in Sweden's biggest cities, and now the most beautiful beard of them all has been named through a nationwide competition.

The “En Karl Med Skägg” contest saw ten finalists from across Sweden square off to win the approval of a jury comprised of barbers and others described as “well known bearded profiles within the beard field”.

The final was held at Gothenburg Auction House last weekend, and this year’s lucky winner was Memo Göcek, who lives in the Täby suburb of Stockholm.

“It feels pretty good actually,” Göcek told The Local. “At first I didn’t think I would end up winning as everyone had really nice beards, so it was exciting for me.”

Göcek explained that his growth took a surprisingly short time to reach its bushy peak:

“It didn’t take many years at all. Only 18-19 months, as my beard grows really quickly. It’s quite unusual.”


…och årets vinnare är….Memo Gözec!

A video posted by EN KARL MED SKÄGG (@enkarlmedskagg) on Oct 22, 2016 at 1:43pm PDT

The beard champion was given a pile of products as part of his prize, something he said is important for anyone aspiring to have facial hair as supreme as his.

“It’s important that you keep it clean all the time. You have to wash it every day,” he advised.

“I do it two times: once in the morning and once in the evening. Then I use a whole load of products on it too. Wax for example. But I think it’s mostly genetic. If you have the right genes that helps. My dad had a good beard.”

As for the future, Göcek – who occasionally works as a beard model – revealed he has a bigger prize in his sights:

“I’m thinking that in about two years I can compete for the world’s longest beard. That would be exciting.”

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