Nearly 2,000 run in Swedish zombie race

Nearly 2,000 run in Swedish zombie race
Participants had to dodge zombies and other obstacles on the 6.5-kilometre-long route. Photo: Pavel Koubek/ TT
Some 2,000 people on Saturday took part in the “Run for your lives” race in Örebro, where runners had to dodge hundreds of zombies lining the streets.

The race was inspired by the American TV-series “The walking dead” and meant that participators had to try to make it 6.5 kilometres through the city with at least one of three “lives” (plastic tags) left on their belts to get a medal. Aside from hundreds of zombies lining the streets, the route was also filled with different types of obstacles, making the race even more of a challenge.

Elin Kvarnström, a 29-year-old pre-school teacher, told Swedish news agency TT she had managed to pass the finish line with two “lives” left.

“It was supercool. One of the toughest things I’ve done. You really had to run for your life, there were zombies everywhere and the (Walking dead) scenes they had built up felt really realistic.”

Erik Haneskog, a spokesman for the group organising the event, Batalj event, said that no one won the race.

“The goal of ‘Run for your lives’ is to have the most fun,” he said.