Swedish court says no to laundry room nudity

Remember the tenant who kicked up a fuss after he was served an eviction notice because of his excessive vacuuming and habit of walking around the communal laundry room stark naked?

Swedish court says no to laundry room nudity
Imagine you're doing the laundry and suddenly your naked neighbour turns up. Photo: Mats Andersson/TT

First, a quick recap to get to the bare bones of the matter.

As The Local reported in June, a Swedish rental tribunal gave the 65-year-old man's landlord the all-clear to boot him out after neighbours complained about some of his peculiar habits in the apartment block.

They said he vacuumed for two to five hours at a time, often leaving the machine running on the balcony, while playing very loud music. The unwanted tenant tried to explain that the loud music was necessary to drown out the sound of the vacuuming – but his neighbours and landlord just wouldn't have it.

He was also accused of showering so often and at such length that the apartment had sustained water damage. Oh, and neighbours also claimed he used to walk around the laundry room naked.

The man disputed all of this and appealed the tribunal's decision to the Svea Court of Appeals.

But the appeals court has now upheld the verdict.

It states in its ruling that the man has used the communal laundry room in a way that has led to “unacceptable restrictions for other tenants”, reports public broadcaster SVT.

The decision means that the company that owns the apartment block in the town of Linköping, southern Sweden, has permission to evict the man with immediate effect.

“It feels good that there is a limit to how much I as a neighbour have to put up with,” one of his relieved neighbours commented to SVT after the case closed.

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