Young man dies after multiple shootings in Malmö

Young man dies after multiple shootings in Malmö
Police investigating the scene of one of the shootings in Malmö. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT
A young man has died in a violent night where two shootings rocked southern Swedish city Malmö.

The man was found with serious injuries on Annelundsgatan after a police patrol heard gunfire. He was given emergency treatment at the scene then taken to hospital but his life could not be saved.

Several other people were shot at in the incident, but there were no further injuries. Police have cordoned off the area for a forensic examination and found empty bullet casings.

Police are classifying the shooting as murder and multiple attempted murders. 

Duty officer Magnus Lefèvre said officers had worked intensively through the night speaking to witnesses as well as the other people targeted in the attack.

“In this situation we limit ourselves to saying that the person who was shot was in the company of several people who according to the information I have weren’t injured by shots. All of them are previously known to police in the past, albeit in slightly different ways,” Lefèvre told newspaper Sydsvenskan.

The shooting occurred within 20 minutes of another on Fosievägen, where a young man was struck but did not receive life-threatening injuries. After investigating the crime scene there, authorities have classified that incident as attempted murder. Three people were seized shortly after the shooting, police confirmed on Thursday morning.

Police said there is no known connection between the two events at present.