Sweden set for more snow… and it’s only just begun

Sweden set for more snow... and it's only just begun
Did you enjoy the first big snowfall of the season? Good! There's more to come this weekend.

Around ten centimetres of snow are expected to fall in the southern Götaland region on Saturday and Sunday, according to Sweden's national weather agency SMHI.

The central Svealand and Norrland regions will escape the worst of it, with only a centimetre or two forecast.

“If you live in Götaland and don't have your winter tyres on the car yet, it may be time to take that into account, because there will be snow or sleet in many areas,” meteorologist Therese Fougman told the Dagens Nyheter (DN) newspaper.

We hear you, Gandalf.

The mercury had already dropped below zero in much of Sweden on Friday afternoon.

The E4 road was closed in both directions south of Skellefteå after a truck slipped and blocked the road. It was salvaged at 3pm but police advised motorists to drive slowly and carefully.

SMHI meanwhile issued a class-one weather warning (the least serious on a one-three scale) for Värmland, coastal areas in Västerbotten, Västergötland, Östergötland and much of Småland.

“In parts of Småland and southern Östergötland there is a risk of heavy snowfall, around 20 centimetres in some areas” on Sunday, read a warning on SMHI's website on Friday.