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Why Stockholm startups are teaching kids to program

Why Stockholm startups are teaching kids to program
Startups are doing their part to make sure children know how to code - not just to prevent a shortage in the labour market, but for the sake of democracy.

Sweden's tech sector keeps expanding, and Stockholm is drawing in the lion's share of talent from abroad to work at its innumerable startups.

But while Stockholm startups are eager to bolster their companies with talent from abroad, they realize that recruiting from abroad won't prevent the massive skill shortage that's coming.

So they're turning to children. But it's not just to boost the labour market.

“It’s actually about democracy,” says Anna Gisslén at startup Quirkbot. “We all need to understand tech and coding, or a very small group will be in control of everything in life. It’s about removing those barriers and being able to understand and contribute.”

Quirkbot is just one of many Stockholm startups working hard to teach kids to code. Find out more about what they're doing – and why – here

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