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Are you worried about Trump? This Swede will marry you

Are you worried about Trump? This Swede will marry you
Gustav Hallén's hand in marriage is up for auction. Photo: Gustav Hallén
Reactions to the news that Donald Trump will be the next president of the USA has come in a variety of forms, but one Swede's response is particularly unique.

After noticing how miserable some people were about the result, Stockholm resident Gustav Hallén decided that the best thing to do would be to offer any American who now wants to leave the US a chance to do so by marrying him – provided they can pay his $50,000 asking price on Ebay.

“I didn’t really think it through. It felt like a fun thing for my friends on Facebook: the feeling there was so gloomy I thought I could maybe take the problem on from another angle, with a lot of irony, and invite people to laugh a bit instead,” Hallén told The Local.

A screenshot of the auction. Photo: Ebay

“Why not move to a better place, like Sweden? Open for all suggestions female, male and others. Likes long walks and Netflix and chill,” the auction's description reads.

So far no one has committed to cough up the fee and become the Swede’s life partner, but what will he do if the unthinkable happens and someone does decide a road out of the US is worth the money?

“Maybe I’ll take it for real!” he joked. “Nah, the price is more of a reassurance that it can’t happen. An immense amount of money. At the same time I also tried to put a price on the 'dream of freedom' that we have in life here in Sweden.”

Asked for his thoughts on the result of the US election, surfing instructor Hallén tried to be diplomatic:

“It is nice to see that in so many places people are gathering and standing against what he stands for, that’s important. The world will always adapt, and life will go on hopefully.”