This Swede saw the snow and decided to get naked

This Swede saw the snow and decided to get naked
Don't try this at home. Photo: Peter Siepen
Last Wednesday Stockholm experienced its snowiest November day in 111 years, and we witnessed Swedish people doing some pretty crazy things as a result (like cycling in a blizzard), yet one Swedish man has still managed to take things to a whole new level.

TV presenter Peter Siepen was about to go and meet a friend when he saw the crazy weather and decided the best thing to do was to make the journey almost fully naked.

“I thought it was fun and it would be a little bit hard to walk through a snowy Stockholm naked,” Siepen told The Local.

Asked if the image of him walking through the Swedish capital in his underwear is proof that Swedes are the toughest peopled in the world, he replied:

“Swedes are hardy people who swim in ice-holes and fight polar bears.”

At this point we should probably let any budding polar bear spotters know that the animals don’t exist in the wild in this country.


Keep'n it real 

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Siepen’s chilling image has attracted thousands of likes and almost a hundred comments on Instagram, yet ironically, there was little reaction to him from the people on Stockholm's streets when he walked past, scantily clad.

“No one reacted when I was walking around town naked. The response was just that ‘mind your own business’ mentality,” he noted.

We’ll soon find out how long Swedes can stay stoic about the matter however, as the 53-year-old plans on testing them further.

“It was so much fun that I’m going to do it many times in the future,” he joked.