Swedish hunter kicks charging wild boar to death

Swedish hunter kicks charging wild boar to death
This is not the snout of the wild boar killed in this story. Photo: Hasse Holmberg/SCANPIX
A Swedish man who was gored in the leg by a wild boar while out hunting elk escaped with his life by kicking the animal to death.
Peter Hallén, from Tierp, north of Uppsala, was taking part in a local hunt when his hound Assar picked up the scent of a boar and ran after it. 
“The dog got knocked over by a wild boar two years ago, so I didn’t think he would be hunting any more swine,” he told Upsala Nya Tidning
He followed the dog using GPS for eight kilometres, but just as he was about to get hold of the dog to put its collar back on, the wild boar charged out of the undergrowth. 
“It suddenly leapt up from four or five metres ahead of me. I put up my hands to protect myself but 100KG worth of pig isn’t easy to hold back and I was thrown backwards,” he told Aftonbladet.  He was gored lightly in the leg but the animal kept attacking him. 
“Then I kicked towards the pig’s head to get myself free, and I must have made contact. Suddenly it lurched off, and then after 20 meters, it fell over, climbed up, and then fell over again, stone dead.”  
“It sounds impossible, to kick a wild boar to death,” he continued. “But I must have hit it in some strange way. The wild boar was probably also quite exhausted.”
Hallén said he had not even had time to be afraid. “Everything happened so fast. Now afterwards you can laugh about it… but I was acting in self-defence.”
“I don’t want people to be frightened of wild boar in the woods,” he continued. “You have to know that this pig had just been hunted by my dog so it was riled up.” 

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