Is this the ugliest Christmas tree ever?

A tree in a Swedish town has been labeled 'the ugliest Christmas tree ever' by a local resident whose Facebook post with an image of the unfortunate fir has spread quickly since it was posted at the weekend.

Is this the ugliest Christmas tree ever?
It gets worse. Photo: Sigvard Lundberg

Sigvard Lundberg’s picture of the bare looking tree in Lövånger, northern Sweden was accompanied with a caption saying “according to me it’s the ugliest tree that has ever been set up since the introduction of the Christmas tree in 1522”. Judging by the hundreds of comments in response, he isn’t alone in his opinion.

“When I saw it I didn’t think it was real, that they'd stick such an ugly tree there,” Lundberg told The Local.

“Judging by the massive reaction on Facebook you could believe it’s the ugliest Christmas tree in the hundreds of years of Christmas tree history!” he added.

The ugly tree in all its glory. Photo: Sigvard Lundberg

The tree was put up by Lövångerbygdens Utveckling, a cooperative in the town. Their chairperson gave The Local a brief history of the controversial conifer’s life.

“Someone who had a bit of land said to us ‘I have a tree’. But it turned out that it fell badly from a height and ended up getting damaged a few times by the tractor when it was transported from the forest,” Evy Andersson explained.

“But we thought ‘we’ll still put it up’. This ugly tree looks nice at night when it’s dark, anyway. With the lights on it’s really nice: it’s really good at holding those lights up. So there’s a good end to the story,” she laughed.

But does she agree that it is the ugliest Christmas tree ever?

“I can agree with that. It’s good at its job: it holds up Christmas lights. It’s an old tree that’s getting one last run in its life,” Andersson joked, adding that she isn’t taking the debate too seriously.

Whether it deserves to hold up Christmas lights or not, it seems the one thing most people can agree on is that this is one seriously ugly tree. A poll on public broadcaster SVT’s website currently has 64 percent of 4783 voters agreeing that “yes, it is really, really ugly!”.