Swedish inmates demand: We want to make Christmas cards

Swedish inmates demand: We want to make Christmas cards
Christmas card-making was popular among the prisoners last year. Photo: Claudio Bresciani/TT
Inmates at a Swedish prison have reported the institution to Sweden's Justice Ombudsman because they are not happy with the recreational activities on offer, including a lack of arts and crafts.

The unhappy prisoners at Salberga high security prison near Västerås already have access to yoga, sports, games, and books, radio station P4 reports.

But in their complaint to the Justice Ombudsman, the convicts claimed they are under-stimulated and want access to more activities, including Christmas card making, which they said led to an improved atmosphere last year.

The inmates are irked because the prison promised activities like guitar lessons, painting classes and beadwork, but have yet to deliver.

In response, the facility explained that refurbishments have impacted its range of leisure activities, and promised that once that process is over there will be more space for hobbies.

The much-coveted Christmas card making session is one of the activities promised to return, with more courses and workshops also on the agenda.

“The guitar course is according to my information under way, so it’s ongoing right now. There are meaningful activities,” Salberga deputy prison director Daniel Hultman told P4.