Swede wakes up with neighbour’s roof in his garden

Swede wakes up with neighbour’s roof in his garden
Not what you expect to find in your garden. Photo: Mauri Takala
A man in Sweden felt the full effects of the harsh weather that battered the region on Sunday when he woke up and discovered something unusual in his garden: someone’s roof.

Strong winds caused major issues in central and southern parts of the country at the end of the weekend, blowing trees onto power lines and disrupting transport. In Skutskär, the gales literally raised a roof, as resident Marui Takala found out after being woken up by a loud crash at 4am.

“I didn’t understand anything. Or I understood that it was the wind that took it, but I looked around and wondered where it came from but couldn’t see anything,” he explained to SVT News Uppsala.

In response, Takala uploaded a picture of the large metal roof to a local Facebook group with the caption “Is there anyone who is missing a metal roof after last night’s storm? I have an extra one in the garden”.

The roof’s owner soon got in touch and revealed that he was missing the top of his shed.

“The roof had almost cracked a road sign outside my fence, bounced on it, and then slid along the fence,” Takala explained, adding that he was happy it didn’t slam into his house.

Around 10,000 residents of the Uppland region in east central Sweden were left without electricity on Sunday when trees were blown onto power lines.

A storm warning for all of Sweden’s coastal waters and the Vändern lake was issued by national forecasters SMHI on Sunday, with the combination of the gales and snow predicted to cause problems. High winds also led to the cancelations of ferry departures from island Gotland.