This is how many times Facebook got mentioned in Sweden in 2016

A new survey has measured which brands and political parties have featured the most in Swedish media so far in 2016.

This is how many times Facebook got mentioned in Sweden in 2016
File photo of Facebook. Photo: AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

The Association of Swedish Advertisers, which represents advertisers working in Sweden, and media analysis company Opoint examined print media, radio, television and online media for the report.

They found that social network Facebook got – by far – the most mentions in 2016. It was mentioned in media and social media 163,800 times from January to the end of November.

In second place, far behind, was Stockholm football club AIK.

The top three political parties were also Sweden's three biggest parties. In first place was the ruling Social Democrats, followed by opposition parties the Moderates and the Sweden Democrats.

Most mentioned brands in 2016

1. Facebook: 163,800 mentions
2. AIK: 87,800 mentions
3. Ericsson: 69,800 mentions
4. Volvo: 60,100 mentions
5. Swedbank: 52,800 mentions
6. Ica: 45,000 mentions
7. Nordea: 43,300 mentions
8. Unionen: 40,600 mentions
9. SEB: 38,500 mentions
10. Google: 36,700 mentions

Most mentioned political parties in 2016

1. Social Democrats: 69,600 mentions
2. Moderates: 68,000 mentions
3. Sweden Democrats: 53,700 mentions
4. Green Party: 52,400 mentions
5. Left Party: 48,800 mentions
6. Liberals: 41,000 mentions
7. Centre Party: 31,100 mentions
8. Christian Democrats: 23,900 mentions